Bringing you peace of mind.®

Purchase and Sale

Whether you are buying or selling a manufacturing company, a restaurant, a medical practice, or anything in between, I have the transactional experience to help guide you through the legal negotiation and paperwork every step of the way.

Residential Leasing

Whether you are a large-scale developer of residential apartments or the owner of a single-family house for rent, I can help make sure that your lease forms and leasing guidelines meet the very specific State of Michigan and federal requirements.

Retail Leasing and Development

I specialize in retail leasing and development through representation of national, regional and local shopping center developers, national and regional retail tenants, commercial real estate developers and contractors, and restaurants.


I have worked with numerous condominium developers in the creation and management of residential and commercial condominium projects, and can help you manage a project from start to finish.

Vacation Property

My local knowledge allows me to help you resolve any potential issues before purchase, including local politics, zoning regulations and a detailed knowledge of Michigan’s Sand Dune Protection Act.


I can help you review and interpret those ordinances and make sure you are able to present the best possible case before your local planning commission or zoning board of appeals.


Whether you are dealing with underground utilities, a shared driveway, joint access to a waterway, I can help you draft an easement that does exactly what it is intended and will stand the test of time.

Tax Appeals

If you are a property owner and believe your taxes are too high, or believe that your property should be tax exempt, I have experience reviewing your property records and providing advice on lowering your property taxes.

Real Estate

Like no other area of the law, real estate depends on a concrete set of rules. Our real estate law services provide you with the peace of mind that your buying, selling and leasing forms will protect your investment.