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Does the Age of Your Estate Planning Attorney Matter?

Finding an estate planning attorney that you trust is very important.  Finding an estate planning attorney that will still be practicing law years down the road when you pass away may be just as important.

Estate Planning attorneys do work for you now, while you are still alive, but did you know one of their most important duties is helping to execute your wishes after you have passed?  And who do they usually work with to execute your wishes? Your children and beneficiaries.

Estate Planning attorneys draft your Will, Trust and Power of Attorney documents.  You then sign these documents and take them with you to store in a safe place.  While you hopefully let one or more relatives, friends, etc. know where these important documents are kept, your attorney should always keep a copy as well.

When the inevitable happens and you pass, will your attorney still be around to help the Personal Representative you named in your Will, or is your attorney not practicing law anymore due to retirement or death?

Try to plan ahead so your attorney is still practicing law in the future.  Find someone who you trust now and later to help you and your beneficiaries.  For this reason, it may be that your Estate Planning attorney is younger than you, so that they are more likely to still be practicing law when your Personal Representative needs to call on them to help to execute your wishes.