Our Firm

When I first started West Michigan Law, I was challenged to answer the question: Why do I do what I do? Without much thought, the answer became clear…my clients look to me to find Peace of Mind. I have the knowledge and expertise that allows you to rest knowing that I will help you through your legal needs. Your best interest is the reason I am in this business, and why I choose to come to work.

Our Values

  • High Quality / Effectiveness

    As a lawyer, I sell two products – the expertise inside my brain, and a written work product. Both are critically important to being a successful lawyer, and I take them both very seriously. At the end of the day, all of the expertise in the world does not matter if I am unable to deliver a high quality work product to you that is both understandable and free from errors.

  • Timeliness / Efficiency

    Technology has sped up the practice of law and I do not shy away from that fact. By discussing your expectations at the time of project creation and running an efficient office that stresses adherence to deadlines, I am able to provide a turnaround time that meets your needs without sacrificing a high quality work product.

  • Proactive / Continuing Education

    I believe that a lawyer must always be intellectually curious because the law is constantly changing. As a result, I devote the time necessary each year to not only attend seminars, but present on various new and unique legal topics. This allows me to sharpen my skills of applying the law to your needs in a clear and concise manner.

  • Cost-Effective / Value-Add

    I believe that legal services should rarely be compensated on an hourly basis, because the hourly model promotes inefficient attorney behavior and leads to unexpected bills at the end of the project. It is my goal to have a discussion with you at the beginning of a project to explain my role and the scope of services to be provided. We will then come to a mutual understanding of what my fees will be for that scope of services.

Your Holland and Muskegon Legal Team

  • Adam Zuwerink

    My practice is focused almost exclusively on the transactional side of the law, and I strive to set myself apart by providing an efficient legal work product that does not sacrifice the effectiveness and attention to detail that should always be an attorney’s top priority.
  • Shannon Dykstra

    Shannon Dykstra

    As the office manager and director of client services for West Michigan Law, it is my passion to make sure you are taken care of. It is my privilege to ensure attention to detail in documents that will affect your future, the future of your business, or maybe even your family’s future. I hope to help provide “Peace of Mind” as we form a relationship to meet your legal needs.

What our clients are saying...

  • Adam is easy to work with, and fields requests with ease. During our recent real estate transaction I was glad that I had his professional knowledge and expertise in my corner.

    --Andrew Cutler President, Muskegon Brake and Tire
  • I have worked with Adam both on a business level and personally. I would highly recommend Adam as he is both very knowledgeable and efficient.

    --Charlie Miller Owner, Watkins Pharmacy
  • I have always found Adam to be professional, kind and courteous. Kindness and courtesy are things that are missing far too often in the professional world these days, but Adam gets it. Add on top of those qualities an expansive knowledge of his field of law and a desire to help others, and what you have is a winning combo!

    --Tim Beisiegel Owner, Operator at RiverCity Trading
  • Adam’s understanding of the legal system is impressive. I have referred him to several of my clients with excellent results. His down to earth approach is a breath of fresh air with attorneys. Keep up the good work!

    --Jason Piasecki Partner at Revel
  • Adam does a great job helping my clients with their pension and retirement plan documents and design. This area of the law is very difficult but he has the ability to get the answers and give valuable advice. He is the person I call first with any needs in the pension/retirement plan law area.

    --Randy Novotny Member, Steensma Novotny, PLC
  • “Adam and I have had the opportunity to work on several projects together, through the Chamber of Commerce and elsewhere. I have known him for several years and found him to be trustworthy, knowledgeable, and a great resource on a variety of topics. He is thorough in his research and diplomatic in his presentations. I would recommend him as a business and personal adviser.”

    --Steve Wisneski President and CEO at Creative Benefit Systems, Inc.